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Sexual Harassment Attorney Los Angeles

Even though it is against the law, sexual harassment is still pervasive in many workplaces. This prohibited behavior can take many forms:

  • Telling jokes of a sexual nature or having offensive pictures posted in your workspace may seem like innocent fun to some people, but this can be sexual harassment.
  • In other cases, an employee or manager may engage in unwanted touching or other forms of sex abuse in the workplace.
  • In what is termed “quid pro quo” sexual harassment, a supervisor or manager may demand some type of sexual activity as a condition of continued employment or advancement.

These and other actions are against the law. They are prohibited and should be stopped. If you have been the victim of sexual harassment at a job, or suffered adverse personnel actions because you refused to comply with a sexual advance in the workplace, or retaliated against for complaining about a good faith belief in harassment, you have rights.

The firm of Peter K. Levine has represented clients in employment-related litigation for over 20 years. We are experienced, knowledgeable and determined to fight for your interests in these actions.

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Compensation and Justice for Victims of Sexual Harassment

Our firm represents clients in both individual and class action sexual harassment suits.

In representing you, Peter K. Levine undertakes a comprehensive investigation of the facts surrounding your case. Fact by fact and element by element, we work to build a strong and persuasive case. We visit with you at home and spend time with your family. The human element of your story is vital to presenting your case. We speak for you because we learn about you. Compensation can include money for past and future pay, possible punitive damages and attorney fees.

Our goal will be to maximize the compensation you receive for the wrongs you have suffered. – Sexual Harassment Attorney Los Angeles

What You Should Do – Contact a Sexual Harassment Attorney Los Angeles

We are frequently asked what you should do if you are suffering sexual harassment in the workplace. The most important thing is to obtain the advice of an experienced employment law attorney. Other steps you should take include the following:

  • If you are still employed, you should file a written complaint with your supervisor or Human Resources Department, following the guidelines set out by your employer.
  • Document the events in a diary or reconstruct a timeline which details the specific events you have experienced.
  • Write down the names of people who may be able to confirm key aspects of your story.
  • Contact Peter K. Levine as soon as possible.

We can evaluate your case. If it has merit, we will use our experience to fight for the compensation and justice for you.

Put the Power of Experience to Work for You –Sexual Harassment Attorney Los Angeles

For a free initial consultation with Peter K. Levine, call 323-934-1234 or send us an e-mail. Sexual Harassment Attorney Los Angeles

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