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Use it Or Lose it Vacation Time Attorney

Some employers in California have instituted “use it or lose it” policies regarding vacation time — if you don't use your accumulated vacation time within a certain period, you lose it. These types of plans may be illegal under California law depending on their specific terms. Vacation pay is considered a vested benefit, and payment for unused vacation time must be made if the employee quits or is terminated.

If you have been unfairly denied vacation time, you may be able to recover compensation for your lost vacation wages, and possibly punitive damages as well. An employer who loses a vacation pay suit must also pay opposing counsel attorney fees.

Peter K. Levine is an experienced vacation law attorney who uses the legal system to obtain vacation pay that has been unlawfully denied to employees.

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You Have Rights — Use Them – Use it Or Lose it Vacation Time

Our firm will investigate your case. If we believe that your employer has violated the law, we will use our experience and knowledge to obtain the vacation pay that has been denied you. The law regarding vacation pay was established to protect your rights. Claim those rights! You deserve your vacation pay.

Experienced Class Action Attorneys – Use it Or Lose it Vacation Time Attorney

If you have been unfairly denied vacation pay, it is likely that your employer has an established policy in that regard. If so, Peter K. Levine can file a class action suit on behalf of all of the other employees at your company.

Our goal in your case will be to obtain all of the compensation that has been denied you, plus any additional penalties levied on your employer.

Peter K. Levine takes employment law cases on a contingency basis. There is no risk to you, and no fee unless we recover compensation for you. –Use it Or Lose it Vacation Time

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