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Unpaid Overtime Attorney Los Angeles, California

Many California employers still fail to pay employees the overtime wages they are entitled to under the law. Some make their employees work through lunch and rest breaks without pay and in violation of the law. Some treat employees as “independent contractors” to evade laws. The schemes are endless.

If you have been denied the overtime pay you deserve, you have rights. Federal and state law can be used as a vehicle to obtain compensation for your lost wages, attorney fees and in some cases penalties assessed to the employer. – Unpaid Overtime Attorney

The firm of Peter K. Levine can help you seek the pay that has been denied you. For over 20 years, we have represented employees who have not received the overtime pay they have deserved. We are aggressive and determined advocates who use the law to level the playing field on behalf of workers. Class actions are also great vehicles to get justice for employees in these types of cases.

Are You Really an “Exempt” Employee?

Employees in California who are classified as “non-exempt” are entitled to overtime pay (at 1½ times the normal pay rate) when they work more than 40 hours per week or 8 hours a day. Some California employers however, deliberately misclassify employees as “exempt” when in fact they should be non-exempt and eligible for overtime.

We have extensive experience in these matters and will energetically represent you in the legal system with the goal that you receive all the pay for your unpaid overtime. – Unpaid Overtime Attorney

Unpaid Meals and Rest Breaks – Unpaid Overtime Attorney

Other employment law violations can occur when an employer makes employees work through scheduled breaks. One common violation occurs when an employee must remain “on-call” and ready to perform job tasks during the break.

Cases involving unpaid overtime usually involve more than one employee. In these situations, our firm may be able to file a class action suit to seek compensation for all employees at the company who have been denied the overtime pay they deserve. This provides advantages, including the ability to focus more legal resources on the suit and economies of scale.

Experienced and Determined Advocates

When the Peter K. Levine firm takes your case, we work energetically to obtain all of the compensation you deserve, plus any penalties and attorney fees that apply. We are experienced, disciplined and determined advocates who will work tirelessly to fight for the compensation that has been unfairly denied you. These are tough cases — but worth the fight. You work hard and are entitled to all compensation allowed under the law.

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