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Whistleblower Attorney Los Angeles, CA

If you have suffered retaliation in the workplace for reporting violations of the law committed by your employer, you may be able to collect compensation, not only for your economic losses but penalties assessed to your employer as well.

At the firm of Peter K. Levine in Los Angeles, we are experienced advocates who work to protect the rights of whistleblowers and other employees who have suffered harm due to employment law violations. In representing you, we will work to obtain maximum compensation — and justice for the wrongs done to you.

We handle cases involving whistleblower claims concerning violations such as:

  • Dumping of toxic waste
  • Fraud or cutting corners in government contracts
  • Falsification of inspections, accounting records and loan applications
  • Complaining about sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Complaining about non-payment of overtime
  • Mismanagement of daycare centers which puts children in danger
  • Medicare and health care fraud
  • And other types of whistleblower claims

Whistleblower Attorney Los Angeles

Have You Suffered Retaliation for Reporting Violations? Contact a Whistleblower Attorney Los Angeles

Under California law, an employee who reports wrongdoing to their employer or the authorities and as a consequence suffers adverse employment actions can claim compensation.

For over 20 years, Peter K. Levine has represented clients in cases involving whistleblower claims, workplace retaliation and other employment law violations. We are aggressive and determined advocates who use the law to obtain compensation for our clients and to hold lawbreakers accountable for their crimes. In your case, we will use our comprehensive knowledge to fight for compensation for you. – Whistleblower Attorney Los Angeles

Federal False Claims Act

The qui tam provisions of the federal False Claims Act enables a whistleblower to obtain a portion of the funds recovered in cases involving fraud perpetrated against the federal government. This compensation can be paid to the whistleblower without having to show retaliation against the employee.

If you have knowledge of corruption or fraud in contracts involving the sale of products to the federal government, Peter K. Levine is well prepared to use the law to seek compensation for you. – Whistleblower Attorney Los Angeles

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Whistleblower Attorney Los Angeles

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