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Peter K. Levine

Trust the Power of Experience

Our focus is our clients. We represent people who have been hurt by the misdeeds of others.

A veteran of countless jury and non-jury trials, Peter knows that justice just doesn't happen by accident. Whether it is cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, elder abuse, wrongful death, discrimination, sexual harassment, wages and hour, employment class actions or catastrophic injuries, we understand the value of preparation and passion for our clients.

[If you are visiting this site, you're probably hurting or know someone who is. We unfortunately can't take away the pain and suffering. But what we can do is our absolute best to make sure you receive the justice you deserve.

Employment Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Employees are often at the mercy of their employers. They feel — and often are —powerless. The ability to provide or withhold a paycheck gives the employer a decided advantage, which is frequently abused.

At the firm of Peter K. Levine, we restore the power our clients have lost in the unequal relationship between employer and employee. We level the playing field, and give employees the ability to reclaim the rights that have been lost and wrongfully taken from them.

Upholding the Dignity of Employees

Our firm believes that all people deserve dignity and respect in the workplace. We work to empower employees and help them regain and retain their rights.

We obtain compensation and justice for employees who have been wrongfully terminated. Our firm stands up for victims of employment discrimination. We obtain vindication for whistleblowers and compensation for those who have not received the overtime pay that is owed them. We handle both individual and class action suits. In these and other cases involving employment law violations, we are determined to prevail.

Working Hard, Working Smart

Peter K. Levine diligently works on behalf of clients. We also work intelligently. Our firm carefully analyzes the facts of each case, looking for patterns of employer behavior and ways to win the client's case. Using our legal knowledge and 30 years of experience, we work with determination to fight for our clients' goals.

In many cases, this goal is obtaining the compensation that has been unfairly denied. In other cases, it means getting the legal system to acknowledge the injustice that has been committed. In every case, it means restoring the rights and dignity of the individual. Self-respect and justice are our goals.

Put the Power of Experience to Work for You

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Located in Los Angeles, we handle employment law cases throughout Southern California.

Multiple Languages

We provide legal services & no cost consultations to individuals in the following languages, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese


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