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Los Angeles Civil Rights Attorney

The civil rights laws were enacted for everyone — to ensure no one is unfairly discriminated against in the workplace. It's a sad but true fact that our society has still not reached the point though, where employment discrimination has been eliminated.

If you have suffered discrimination in hiring, job promotions, personnel evaluations or firing decisions, you can use our civil rights laws to seek compensation and justice. And by taking action, you put employers everywhere on notice that discrimination in the workplace cannot be allowed.

The firm of Peter K. Levine is a team of advocates who fight on behalf of victims of discrimination prohibited by Title VII and other federal and state laws. We represent clients in employment-related civil rights cases involving discrimination on the basis of race, age, gender, disability, sexual preference and other protected classes.

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Disciplined and Determined Advocates

Los Angeles civil rights attorney Peter K. Levine has represented clients in employment-related discrimination cases for over 20 years. During this time, he has developed the skills and experience needed to prevail in these challenging cases even in the face of strong opposition.

If we work together in the effort to obtain justice, our firm will begin by thoroughly investigating all aspects of your case. This can include a careful analysis of company documents, interviewing witnesses and use of depositions to document what happened. We retain private investigators when necessary. We are prepared to aggressively pursue litigation in order to obtain maximum compensation and justice for you.

Individual and Class Action Civil Rights Cases

The firm of Peter K. Levine handles both individual and class action civil rights cases. Because of their nature and the stakes involved, many of these cases can take some time to development and litigate. Our extensive experience in employment-related discrimination cases enables us to quickly identify the key issues at hand and to take the steps necessary to move the case forward.

Peter K. Levine believes in using the power of the law to obtain justice. We will stand by you throughout the entire legal process.

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Los Angeles Civil Rights Attorney

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